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Camping Etiquette

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When you are RV camping with a trailer, fifth-wheel, rig or tent camping, there are many unspoken rules when making your way around the campground.

For those who are first-time campers, we’ve compiled of list of the top camping etiquette tips. If you are a seasoned camper, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory of the basic camping do’s and don’ts! Follow the 10 camping rules below to ensure everyone remains a happy camper on their San Diego vacation.

Campland on the Bay - San Diego Waterfront Camping

1. Be Respectful

The golden rule of camping (and of life): treat other campers how you would like to be treated. Be respectful of your neighbors and your environment. Refrain from offensive language. Check-out on time, as other campers are waiting to begin their vacation. This is the cardinal rule when it comes to camping etiquette!

2. Stay on Paths

Nothing says novice camper like walking through other campsites! Consider each site private property. You wouldn’t walk through someone’s home, so don’t walk through their campsite. Avoid cutting corners – always follow streets and paths on the Campland site map to reach your destination. Make sure your kids are aware of this camping rule, too!

3. Take Note of Quiet Time

Remember that some campers are here to relax and recharge –  observe quiet hours from 11PM to 8AM. Avoid music, loud talking and slamming doors. Head inside to unwind and catch some z’s before tomorrow’s adventures on the bay!

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4. Be a Good Neighbor

Don’t block roadways – it makes it difficult for your neighbors to get their RV situated. Let nearby campers pull-in and set-up before saying hi! If you smoke, be courteous of your neighbors.

5. Keep Things Tidy

Don’t be an eye sore. Keep the “indoors” inside so we can all enjoy the outdoors! Avoid campsite sprawl – keep your gear (outdoor furniture, bikes, grills) within your site boundaries. Don’t hang towels and clothes on shared fences. Staying tidy is one of the easiest camping etiquette tips to follow.

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6. Dispose of trash properly.

Nobody likes looking at trash. Keep the great outdoors great by disposing of garbage properly. All trash containers are denoted on the Campland site map. Please recycle!

Don’t burn food containers and other debris in fire pits. It’s both a fire hazard and can release toxic fumes.

Campland is located adjacent to the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve. It is home to many migratory birds; do your part in keeping the Back Bay beautiful!

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7. Four-legged Friends

Always clean up after your four-legged friends. Not picking-up after your pup is one of the most rudest things you can do as a camper and will get you on the fast track to a “bad neighbor” title. Bring doggie bags with you, so you are never unprepared. Dogs must be on leashes unless in our on-site dog park. Please note, pets are not allowed on the beach between the hours of 9am and 6pm during summer (9am to 4pm in the winter).

Be conscious of your pets barking. It can be grating to those who are trying to enjoy some quiet relaxation. If you are heading out to explore for the day, be sure your pooch is happy and comfortable. Try turning on the TV for some background noise and closing the shades.

8. Keep lights low

Most campers are trying to escape the hustle, bustle and brightness of everyday life. Avoid turning on unnecessary lights at night. Embrace the glow of your campfire!

Solar lights are a great go-to for campsites and can help you get around in the dark. Be weary of your car and RV headlights at night. They can be intense and disruptive.

9. Observe all Rules

Make the campground safe and comfortable for all guests by followings all rules and regulations. Campland on the Bay’s policies can be found here. This is more than just camping etiquette – it is a requirement. If staying at another RV Resort, be sure to check in on their rules and regulations.

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10. Have fun!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and come back time and time again. These camping rules make it an enjoyable experience for all of our guests. We are proud to have been welcoming campers to Mission Bay for over 60 years and look forward to welcoming campers for 60 more! If you are unsure of campground rules or etiquette, feel free to call our hospitality desk at (800) 422-9386.


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