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San Diego RV & Boat Storage

Convenient Storage Facilities

RV & Boat Storage

Campland on the Bay provides long-term storage for Recreational Vehicles (RVs),  boats, and trailers.  If you are looking for storage that is easily accessible to Mission Bay and the Pacific Beach area, we offer the ideal location.  We do have a boat ramp at the resort.

To secure storage space, registered owners must complete a storage application form and submit it along with a copy of the vehicle’s current registration and proof of liability insurance coverage. After approval of the application, the prospective tenants will be required to sign a storage/slip agreement.

To begin the storage agreement, the tenant will be required to pay:

  1. The first full month of storage
  2. A security deposit equal to one month of rent
  3. Prorated fee if storage begins on a day other than the first or last day of the month

Safe and Secure RV and Boat Storage Facilities in San Diego

Owning a boat or RV is an excellent way to enjoy time away from home and plenty of fun. Many homeowners don’t have room to store these vehicles on their property or want to put them away in the off-season. Campland on the Bay offers the best RV and boat storage facilities in San Diego. Our secure storage facility protects your vehicles from the elements, vandalism, and theft, so you can trust they will be ready whenever you are. You can choose long-term dry storage or marina storage for your boat, so it’s always ready to go.

An Ideal Location

Our boat storage facilities in San Diego are in an ideal location for easy access to Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. If you prefer to use your boat elsewhere or want the option to use our boat ramp, dry storage can be a good solution. It’s also an excellent choice for storing your boat long-term when you don’t intend to use it. We also offer boat slips in the marina, so you can take your boat out whenever you please. Simply fill out our storage request form and pay for the first month, and we’ll assign your space.

We Also Store RVs

In addition to boat storage facilities in San Diego, we also store RVs in safe, convenient outdoor storage areas. You can trust your RV is secure during the off-season. When you’re ready to go camping, you can retrieve your RV from storage and hit the road. We offer affordable storage options close to where you live, giving you easy access to your RV when you need it.


To Arrange Long Term Dry Storage

For long-term storage, please contact our Storage Coordinator, Tony Perella, for rates and availability between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday at 858-581-4223. You can also email Tony: tonyp@campland.com


To Arrange Marina Slip Storage

Please contact Tony Perella for availability and rates between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Tuesday through Sunday at 858-581-4223 or email: tonyp@campland.com.


RV and boat storage is a service for storing boats and RVs in the long term. It is very helpful if you need a secure place to keep your boat or RV, especially if the storage facility is located near a vacation spot you like to go to.

Long-term dry storage is available for both RVs and boats. Marina storage is also offered as an option for boats.

When looking for an RV and boat storage facility, you should definitely find out what kind of security measures are used. You should be able to be 100% certain your boat or RV will be safe from theft, vandalism, or other disasters.

When preparing your boat or RV for storage, you should deep clean them inside and out. Make sure there is no food left in the cupboards or fridge. For an RV, empty the tanks and check the tires. Seal any openings to prevent bugs from getting in. For a boat, you should change the oil and fill the tank with gas. You should also disconnect the battery and drain the coolant.

Covered RV and boat storage will provide your property with an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism, as well as shielding it from the elements.

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