Top Ten Things New Campers Need to Know

Top 10 Things New Campers Need to Know

We love welcoming new campers to Campland on the Bay. To make the most of your stay and be able to enjoy all the amenities and recreation Campland offers, here are 10 top things to know.

1.      Check-in process – We look forward to welcoming your arrival after 2 p.m. Please send one camper from your party (wearing a mask) to check in at our registration office. You will need to present the same ID and credit card that was used to make the reservation. We will ask you to sign documents, including our resort rules and regulations. Please note: Some of our campsites may have hookups on the left or the right side of the RV, as the pedestals are shared with the neighboring campsite.

2.  Safety First - The speed limit is 5 MPH throughout the resort. Please be aware that our streets are busy with children on scooters and bikes and with pets on leashes. Helmets are required for kids under 18 years of age throughout the resort and at our skatepark. Please obey all traffic signs.

3.     Public Beach – Everyone is welcome to enjoy this magical corner of Mission Bay. Shade canopies and umbrellas are allowed on the beach but must be taken down before sunset. The beach is often busy, especially on summer days. Feel free to bring your floats, SUP’s and kayaks. Water sports rentals are available at the Marina.

4.     Activities are offered throughout the year for all ages. Be sure to join the fun. Check out our website's calendar to see which activities are available during your stay.

5.     Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 8 am daily. Please be courteous to your neighbors at all hours. Keep noise volumes down, and only play clean and radio-friendly music. If you have any issues with your neighbors you can’t resolve with a friendly conversation, please contact our Hospitality Rangers at 858-581-4219.

6.     Practice camping etiquette to help make everyone’s stay more enjoyable. Please refrain from walking through fellow campers' campsites. If you smoke, do your best to keep the smoke away from fellow campers downwind. Keep noise volumes down, both music and talking so it is not shared with your neighbors. Please only park at your designated campsite. Make sure that rigs, camping equipment, and vehicles do not infringe on other campsites. Keep your campsite clean and free of trash. Let’s keep it friendly!

7.     Please refrain from displaying large political signage, flags, or banners. Campland is a place to unwind and enjoy family and friends. We prefer to leave politics outside our gates.

8.     Campfires – Most of our campsites offer fire rings. Please never leave a fire unattended and practice fire safety. Before going to bed, be sure your fire is out and not smoldering.

9.     Pet-Friendly Fun – We are a pet-friendly resort. Note that certain aggressive breeds are not allowed. See our Pet Policies on our website for details. Pets should not be left unattended. Leashes no longer than 6 feet are required (except in Dogwood Park our off-leash dog park.) Always clean up after your pet.

10.     Please refrain from feeding the wildlife. We border the Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve and it is important not to feed wildlife or stray animals. At your campsite, please refrain from keeping food out.

If you have questions during your stay, feel free to ask one of our helpful team members. They are here to help make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Departure Information

Check-out time is 12 p.m. If you need to leave early in the morning, pack up what you can the day before. Remember to be quiet for any sleeping neighbors. Put everything back the way you found it, including picnic tables.

Please be sure to complete a quick customer survey that will be emailed to you to let us know about your stay and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

Enjoy your first camping experience at Campland on the Bay.  We have generations of campers coming back year after year.  We call them "Campland Raised".  We hope you will have such an amazing experience, that you will do the same.