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Extended Stay Guests Enjoy Campland

monthlies love campland and get together

monthlies love campland and get together

Over the past 50 years, a sense of community has grown with all our campers here at Campland on the bay. Walk around the park any given day and you will find a group of campers that met here at Campland and continued planning their vacations around when the other group would be there.

This is even more apparent when it comes to our winter season. Families from all around the world coordinate their trips with the other campers that will be staying at that time. There are plenty of names for them, “Winter birds, Extended Stay Guests, Snowbirds…” but it means the same thing, a group of friends are getting together here at Campland on the Bay, and we LOVE it.

During our winter season at Campland on the Bay, we look forward to seeing all our campers again. They travel across the pond from places like England, France, and Germany, or some of them come down from Canada up north, and yet some make a “quick” drive from somewhere here in the states. We have campers that have been coming for more than 35 years, and we have campers that came once before and decided they would give it another go. Either way, we appreciate them all the same.

One of the reasons campers decide to come back year after year Is because of the sense of “Family, Friendly, Fun” they get while staying here. We here at Campland on the Bay can’t take all the credit for this though, our “extended stay guests” have started a tradition of their own, and we SUPPORT it!

Every year, our extended stay guests host their own Valentine’s Day party here at Campland. It is a chance to get everyone around for some fun and games. Some years there is a costume contest, some years there is singing and dancing and like this year, there were games followed by ICE CREAM!

Here at Campland on the Bay, we have been able to help create and be a part of your family memories. We look forward to keeping that tradition going.

If you have stories and pictures about your family traditions here at Campland on the Bay, send them in! We would love to hear them.

campers serving ice cream campland monthlies get together


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