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De Anza Clean-up Approved

On Wednesday, July 13, the California Coastal Commission voted to approve a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) that will allow Northeast MB, LLC, which operates the Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego’s Mission Bay Park, to proceed with the long-awaited clean-up of the Park’s De Anza Cove peninsula.

You Wood Not Believe How Many Trees Are at Campland!

Campland on the Bay is home to over 1,160 mature trees. Most of these trees were planted in the early 1970s and have been on property for over 50 years! Campland, with the help of longtime camper Jim Francis, recently identified over 36 varieties of trees at the park and created a map of each tree location. With the help of this map, campers can explore the diversity of trees… Read More

Campland’s Commitment to Sustainability

Since its opening in 1969, Campland encourages their campers, guests, and employees to be good stewards of the environment. Over the past few decades, we have implemented a variety of programs and policies that focus on sustainability so that campers can enjoy the beauty of Mission Bay for years to come! Previous Next Tons of Trees! Over 1,160 mature trees live and grow at Campland and most were planted in… Read More

Let’s Reduce Plastic Consumption

Let’s Reduce plastic consumption You can help! Let’s Reduce Plastic Consumption Campland on the Bay® is on a mission to reduce single-use plastics and non-recyclable items. Our Cantina is ending the use of plastic items for food service. Campland will be installing microplastic filters in our laundromat.  Will you join us? By 2050, if we don’t act now, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.* *Source:… Read More

Top 10 Campland Activities

Campland on the Bay is known for its wide variety of organized recreation. There’s enough activities to keep the entire family busy during your stay! Ranging from trivia night at the Cantina to a giant waterslide in the sand, there is something for everyone. We’ve gathered the Top 10 Must-Do Activities during your stay at Campland below! Check out the activities calendar for what is scheduled during your stay. Waterslide… Read More

Things to Do During Your Stay at Campland

For over 50 years, Campland on the Bay has delivered family-friendly fun. In addition to our onsite amenities, we host activities for kids, adults, and families every single day! There is no shortage of opportunities to create treasured memories and experiences at Campland on the Bay. The vibrant and lively atmosphere is unparalleled! Sports Competitive campers can choose from a variety of sports during their stay at Campland. Whether through… Read More

Camping Etiquette

When you are RV camping with a trailer, fifth-wheel, rig or tent camping, there are many unspoken rules when making your way around the campground. For those who are first-time campers, we’ve compiled of list of the top camping etiquette tips. If you are a seasoned camper, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory of the basic camping do’s and don’ts! Follow the 10 camping rules below to… Read More

First Time Guests

Helpful Information for First-Time Campers Campland has welcomed campers from all over the world for over 53 years. With 18 amenities and 562 campsites, it is no wonder families have been returning for generations to enjoy the fun and create lifelong memories. Every day we welcome new campers into the Campland family! If you are planning your first visit to our RV resort, we’ve gathered some things to know before… Read More

Romantic Camping Ideas

Spending the weekend away, whether a local staycation or distant escape, is the perfect way to surprise your Valentine. Campland offers the ideal laid-back and relaxing vacation in San Diego County. This year, we have a special offer for couples, friends, and families alike – keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be announcing soon! Read on for a few romantic camping ideas to incorporate into your camping itinerary. Cozy up around… Read More