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Wildlife sanctuary

Kendall-Frost MarshReserve

Camp by the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve

Campland on the Bay is adjacent to the wetlands of the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve. You can camp on a site overlooking the scenic preserve.

Birding enthusiasts may see Snowy Egrets, Black-crowned Night herons, Least herons, and Ospreys. Two endangered species depend entirely on this marsh:

  • the Light-footed Clapper Rail
  • the Belding’s Savannah Sparrow

If you want to identify the birds you see, there is a free app that’s easy to use: http://merlin.allaboutbirds.org/

History of Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve

In 1952, Lena Kendall donated 9 acres of salt marsh followed by a donation of an adjoining parcel by the A. H. Frost estate. Today, the Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve protects 16 acres of salt marsh next to the Northern Wildlife Preserve owned by the City of San Diego. Natural habitats include restored coastal sage scrub, south coastal salt marsh, tidal channels, salt flats, mudflats, sand spit, and eelgrass beds.

Birds of Campland on the Bay

Many of our streets are named after birds you’ll see at Campland or next door at the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve.  Watch the video below to see what each bird looks like.