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To download a copy of Campland on the Bay’s RV Standards and Campsite Conduct Policy, click here.


June 2021

Rules and Regulations and Policies are subject to change at any time

A. RVs. All incoming RVs must be less than 10 years old and must be pre-approved by Campland Management. No Park Models/Park Trailers/Tiny Homes, buses or vans (including converted buses or vans, unless the converted vehicle complies with ANSI codes and/or displays a RIVA sticker) are allowed.

B. Utility Connections. It is Camper’s responsibility to check to determine that Camper’s RV is compatible with the Resort’s utilities and pedestals for gas, electricity, water and sewer. Under no circumstances may any Camper or Guest touch, alter or tamper with the Resort’s utilities and pedestals for gas, electricity, water and sewer (other than to hook-up). No unauthorized electric “pig-tails” to boost existing electrical pedestal amperage are permitted. Fittings and connections must be WATERTIGHT and meet City and County of San Diego health codes. Sewer connections must be by rigid piping.

C. RV Sizes. All RVs in the Resort shall conform in size to the requirements of the Campsite on which they are placed as established by Resort Management. Placement of RVs shall be determined by Resort Management.

D. RV Occupancy. The number of occupants of a Campsite is limited. For nightly/weekly Campers (up to 30 days): maximum of 4 people (with the right, other than in the Primitive Tent section, to add additional occupants for an additional charge up to a maximum of 6 people). For Extended Stay Campers (more than 30 consecutive days): maximum of 4 people.

E. Accessory Equipment and Structures. Storage sheds, large storage bins and electrical appliances, such as but not limited to, refrigerators and box freezers, are not permitted outside the RV, although a small cube fridge is permitted. All personal property must remain within the Campsite and there shall be no encroaching on any adjacent Campsites. Campers and Guests (and their agents) are not permitted to perform any remodeling, mechanical or other repairs within the Resort. No tarps are to be used to cover the RV or to create a structure.

F. Standards for Incoming RVs. The following are the applicable standards for specific equipment and systems (and their installation) for all RVs (including repairs and replacements):

i.  Electrical Appliances. Due to the potential for overloading of the Resort’s electrical system, the installation/use of electric heat pumps and other major appliances must be approved by Resort Management prior to installation/use. Resort Management may require removal of any appliances (including, but not limited to, air conditioning units) that, in Resort Management’s reasonable discretion, adversely affect the utility systems of the Resort. No water softener which discharges into the Resort’s sewer system is permitted.

ii.  Sewer System. Due to the limited capacity of the Resort’s sewer system, Camper must receive prior approval before installing any washing machine, garbage disposal or dishwasher. To ensure acceptable loads to the Resort’s sewer system, Camper’s application for approval for these appliances may be denied.

iii. Air Conditioners. Because the capacity of the Resort’s electrical system can be adversely affected, no additional air conditioners may be installed at the Resort without prior approval of Resort Management. Evaporative (swamp) coolers are not permitted on RVs.

iv. Porches and Patios. Only outdoor patio furniture may be used on the patio, porch, yard or other portions of the space. Indoor furniture sofas, chairs, tables, pillows, and blankets are prohibited to be placed outside.

v. Sunshades, Windscreens and Privacy Screens. Roll-up, aluminum wind screens or privacy enclosures are permitted on Camper’s Campsite with prior written approval of Resort Management, if otherwise allowed by California Code of Regulations, Title 25; however, temporary, roll-up type sun shades (such as plastic, canvas, cloth, bamboo or matchstick blinds) are not allowed.

vi. Window Treatments. All windows must have genuine window coverings such as draperies, curtains, blinds or other aesthetically pleasing window coverings, and they must be maintained in good condition and repair at all times. No aluminum foil, sheets, blankets, plywood, paneling, newspaper, shopping bags, paper material, paint or other material not designed as window covering, shade or screen may be used as insulation on windows or as window coverings in any location in or on the RV. No awnings, shades, screens blinds, or other similar items shall be located outside the RV without management’s advance written approval.

vii. Siding. Siding may not be replaced on a RV. If a RV needs repair work, then it must be removed from the Resort.

viii. Skirting. Skirting is not required for RVs.

ix. Exterior Appliances. Electrical appliances outside of the RV or a Tent are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, hot plates, cooktops, ranges and ovens, or microwaves.

x. Fences. No fences may be installed upon Camper’s Campsite.

xi. Portable tanks. Propane, water and air tanks must meet the current USA federal standards

G.  Antennas and Satellite Dishes. Campers must abide by the following standards regarding the installation of any exterior satellite dish or antenna (collectively “Reception Device”) on Camper’s RV. No Reception Device may be installed on the Campsite, other than on the RV:

i. Service. In order to maintain an attractive Resort, Campers are strongly urged to rely on only indoor broadcast devices like cable T.V., internet and/or fiber optics, as opposed to installing an outdoor reception device. Cable television service is available through the local service provider.

ii. Dishes/Antennas. Only satellite dishes with a diameter or diagonal measurement of one meter (approximately thirty-nine inches (39”)) or less will be permitted on the RV. For safety reasons, Reception Devices and masts may only extend beyond the RV as is required to receive acceptable quality signals. Television antennas may not extend more than three feet (3’) above the highest point on the RV without Resort Management’s prior approval, The Reception Device must be located to the rear of the RV, unless such location interferes with the quality of reception.

iii. Installation. Any Reception Device shall be properly installed and secured in a manner that complies with all applicable codes, state and local laws and regulations and manufacturer instructions and so that it does not jeopardize the safety of any neighboring Campsite or property or any person near the Reception Device. In addition, no Reception Device may be installed or placed in such a way as to obstruct a driver’s view of any street, driveway, sidewalk or intersection or to encroach on another Campsite.

iv. Maintenance/Repair. Camper shall be solely responsible for the maintenance and repair, including any and all associated costs, of any installed Reception Device and shall not allow any such Reception Device to fall into disrepair or to become a safety hazard.

v. Appearance/Safety. Every Reception Device must be painted an appropriate color to match the surrounding environment and so it is least visible. Campers are responsible for the maintenance and repair of each Reception Device and shall not allow any such Reception Devices to fall into disrepair or to become a safety hazard. Residents are solely responsible for all cost associated with any Reception Device. If a Reception Device installation poses a severe safety risk, then the Park may seek injunctive relief to prohibit the installation or to seek removal of the Reception Device or other appropriate relief.

vi. No other Antennas. Other than for television, all other antennas (including, but not limited to, ham radio and CB antennas) are not permitted in the Resort.

H. Spas. No spa pool may be installed on the Campsite.

I. Special Standards. In order to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the Resort, Resort Management retains the right to impose additional standards on those Campers who have corner Campsites or Campsites in unique locations.

J. No Work On RV’s. If work is required on a Camper’s RV, then it must be removed from the Resort for repair. No work may be done on any RV in the Resort (excluding work performed by Resort Management).

K. Sale of RV. Camper may not post signs on the RV advertising the RV for sale. The Resort will require the removal of a RV from Campland in the event of the sale of its sale to a third party.

L. Vacant Campsites. Please do not park on or occupy any Campsite that is not registered to you.



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