The SuperSite | Campland on the Bay

Campland on the Bay

The SuperSite

Campland on the Bay boasts a very special campsite that is completely private! The Supersite equates to Campland’s VIP suite.

The Supersite is a fully enclosed campsite with many features and the best view of the bay.

Privacy & Security

One of the primary features of the Supersite is the privacy it affords the occupants. The six foot fence and lockable entry makes for a relaxing stay. With it’s own gas grill, lawn furniture, and drought resistant landscaping, the Supersite was designed with both guests and environment in mind.

Luxurious Camping at its Best, the SuperSite

The site steps into the realm of luxury with its other private features; a whirlpool spa, a full size washer and dryer, and a phone line. Both left and right hook-ups are available in order to accommodate any recreational vehicle. The guests are then left uninterrupted to enjoy their vacation. With its many features, the Supersite rivals the Honeymoon Suites of many luxury hotels and is targeted to travelers who think that “roughing it” is not prerequisite to fun camping.