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Kids: 20 Fun Things

If your kids have already joined the Campland Raised Kids Club its time to plan your kids holiday.

If not, no worries. You can join Campland Kids Club right here.

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20 Incredible Fun Things To Do At Campland.

  1. Swim in the bay
  2. Play Soccer, Basketball, Dodge-ball and other games in Central Park
  3. Ride you bike, scooter and skateboard without a care in the world
  4. Ride your skateboard in the Friendly private Skateboard Park
  5. Play with your dog in the DogWood Park
  6. Eat delicious camping food- burgers, dogs, barbeque and ice cream (2x a day) at the Hungry Wolf Cafe
  7. Ride Wave Runners
  8. Ride Water Bikes
  9. Ride on a Paddle Board
  10. Ride in a Kayak
  11. Hang out with your family by the Campfire
  12. Watch an awesome concert in Central Park
  13. Play and Climb in the gated Huff N Puff Kids Park
  14. Play Ping Pong
  15. Go on a scavenger hunt
  16. Play Volleyball
  17. Swim in 2 heated pools
  18. Relax in the Jacuzzi
  19. Play Bingo
  20. Create some Arts and Crafts

If that is not enough, let your imagination run wild.

Be sure to check out our daily list of kid-friendly activities at Campland Events/Activities Calendar here.

Huff and Puff Park Playground:

Huff and Puff park