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To download a copy of Campland on the Bay’s Pet Policies, click here.


Rules and Regulations and Policies are subject to change at any time

June 2021

A. Written Approval of Resort Management needed to keep a house pet in the Resort. Only approved house pets are permitted in the Resort. A house pet is a pet that spends its primary existence within the RV or Tent. Resort Management reserves the right to deny a Camper a pet if a proposed pet would pose a threat to the health and safety of Campers or Guests. The maximum number of pets per Campsite for a Daily/Weekly Camper is three (3). For Extended Stay Campers, the maximum number of pets allowed is two (2) and in the Primitive Section, only one (1) pet is allowed . All pets must be registered, prior to being allowed in the Resort, to determine whether the pet is vicious or a restricted breed.

i. The types of pets permitted are: a domesticated bird, cat, dog, or aquatic animal kept within an aquarium. Upon request of Resort Management, all dogs must be presented to the Resort Management for approval. Vicious dogs are expressly prohibited. Except for guide dogs, signal dogs, and other service dogs as defined by Civil Code § 54.1, Pit Bulls, Staffordshire and Bull Terriers, American Bullies and Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Wolf Hybrids, Mastiffs and other aggressive breeds, and mixed breeds of the foregoing breeds, are expressly prohibited. If you are unsure whether your dog falls within this prohibition, please call 858-581-4219 prior to your visit. The breed prohibition is based upon the Resort’s more than four decades of experience. Please Note: Pet owners must have liability insurance to cover any injury or damage caused by their pets or service animals (and must provide evidence of such insurance if requested).

ii. Non-house pets (including farm animals) are prohibited under any circumstances. Strange and most exotic pets are not permitted. If you intend to bring an exotic pet, please check with resort Management prior to arrival.

iii. Animals prohibited by City Codes are prohibited in the Resort.

iv. After Camper commences occupancy in the Resort, a pet may not be acquired and brought into the Resort without express permission from Resort Management. Resort Management must approve all dogs before Camper’s registration is approved (or occupancy commences) and/or, if a pet is acquired after registration, prior to such pet being brought into the Resort.

v. If a pet is lost or dies, written permission to bring a new pet into the Resort must first be obtained from Resort Management.

vi. If any of the rules/policies regarding pets is violated, and such violation is noted by Resort Management or a valid complaint is made by another Camper or Guest, the Camper who owns the pet or whose Guest owns the pet will receive a notice in writing stating that the right to keep such pet within the Resort is terminated.

B. The following rules must be strictly followed by all pet owners:

i. Each pet must be licensed and inoculated in accordance with San Diego County and City of San Diego laws and regulations. Evidence of licensing and inoculation must be provided to Resort Management within seven (7) days of receipt of written request for such information (and prior to the pet’s admission to the Resort).

ii. Pets must be on a leash not to exceed 6 feet (including retractable leashes) when not inside the RV or Tent. Any pet that is not able to be leashed (such as birds or aquatic animals) shall be in an appropriate cage or tank.

iii. Any pet running loose in the Resort will be subject to collection by Animal Control. Recurring violations of the leash/containment rule will lead to the loss of the privilege to maintain a pet in the Resort and the pet will have to leave Campland.

iv. Other than guide dogs, signal dogs and other service dogs as defined by Civil Code § 54.1, pets will not be allowed in the clubhouse, on the beach or any recreational area at any time. Please be aware that City Codes may have additional prohibitions respecting pets on or near the public beach area.

v. Pets may not cause any disturbance which might annoy neighbors, including, but not limited to, barking, growling, whining, meowing, scratching, biting or any other unusual noises or damage. Under no circumstance is a pet to invade the privacy of anyone’s Campsite, flower beds, shrubs, etc. Pet owners are responsible at all times for their pets, including injury, damage, destruction, and annoyances to other Campers and Guests; and the Resort and Resort Management shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by a pet.

vi. Exterior pet housing is permitted in the Resort with Resort Management’s approval and shall not exceed 3 feet in height.

vii. Feeding of other people’s pets (without express permission) or of stray cats, other animals or wildlife is prohibited.

viii. The tying up or placing of pets outside the RV and leaving them there unattended is prohibited.

ix. The conduct rules set in these “pet” policies apply to all guide dogs, signal dogs and other service dogs as defined by Civil Code § 54.1, as well.

x. Any dogs or other pets prohibited by these rules which were in the Resort prior to these rules becoming effective are “grandfathered-in” and need not be removed from the Resort. However, if such pet or animal dies, then Camper must comply with these Pet Rules before obtaining a new pet or animal.

xi. Use of the “Dogwood” dog park is at the Camper’s and dog owner’s risk and Resort Management has no responsibility for the condition of the dog park. Resort Management reserves the right to close the dog park at any time.



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