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Rules and Regulations and Policies are subject to change at any time




MAY 2021

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2211 Pacific Beach Drive

San Diego, CA 92109

Campland on the Bay® Resort

A recreational vehicle park and campground

Extended Stay Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations and Policies are subject to change at any time

These Extended Stay Rules and Regulations apply to “Tenants” who are registered for Extended Stays at the Resort (as defined in the general Rules and Regulations for Campland on the Bay®). All terms used in these Extended Stay Rules and Regulations shall have the meanings given those terms in the general Rules and Regulations.


    1. 1. Camper has received and reviewed the general Rules and Regulations (including Polices) for the Resort and agrees to abide by them. Failure to abide by the general Rules and Regulations (including Policies) and/or these additional Rules/Policies, may result in eviction from the Resort. (___) INITIALS
    1. 2. All registered Campers planning to stay for thirty (30) days or more in the Resort must attend the Orientation Meeting within the first 7 days of arrival. Approval for Extended Stay rates will not be granted until (i) Orientation has been completed, (ii) the Registration Desk has received copies of the current registration and evidence of insurance for the RV and each vehicle registered with the Campsite, Camper’s driver’s license (with photo) or other government issued picture identification and copy of a valid driver’s license for the driver of each vehicle registered with the Campsite and (iii) the RV and its installation on the Campsite pass site inspection. Failure to meet these requirements, within the first 7 days of arrival will result in the change of the reservation to the published weekly rate. (___) INITIALS
    1. 3. Resort Management reserves the right to deny Tenant status to Campers whose camping vehicle does not display the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) seal or the seal of manufacturing standards from a government agency. (___) INITIALS
    1. 4. The last day a Camper can arrive to apply for the Extended Stay rate is April 15th. (___) INITIALS
    1. 5. All Extended Stay Tenants must select campsites in the Resort’s designated Extended Stay areas.(___) INITIALS
    1. 6. The Resort’s reservation system does not automatically renew reservations past the departure date. It is the Campers’ responsibility to make sure that the reservation is for the duration of stay; from arrival date to departure date, otherwise the campsite may be booked by other campers. (___) INITIALS
    1. 7. The maximum number of people allowed on an Extended Stay reservation is four (4). (___) INITIALS
    1. 8. Only one (1) sleeping vehicle and one (1) driving vehicle are included in the Extended Stay rate. Tenants will be charged additional amounts for any other vehicle(s), boat trailers and/or utility trailers, and owners must make arrangements for parking in designated areas. NO PARKING IS PERMITTED ON OTHER CAMPSITES, OR IN EMPLOYEE PARKING AREAS. All vehicles in the Resort MUST BE PARKED appropriately and must DISPLAY a current pass with the appropriate vehicle identified and the date current, otherwise the vehicle may be towed at Tenant’s/owner’s expense. Only ONE camping vehicle is allowed per campsite. (___) INITIALS
    1. 9. Trailers, including boat trailers and utility trailers must have prior Resort Management approval to be on property on an Extended Stay basis. If the trailer is in excess of 18 feet, the rate for parking depends on availability and whether the storage is for short or long term. (___)INITIALS
    1. 10. A maximum of two (2) pets is permitted on Extended Stays. Breed restrictions for dogs apply. Please consult the general Rules and Regulations (and Pet Policies) for more information. The monthly fees for each dog are due and must be paid in full on the same day as rent is due. Any disturbance, failure to abide by Pet rules and policies or complaints regarding your pet(s) will be grounds for removal of the pet from the Resort or eviction of Tenant from the Resort. This includes, without limitation, pets left unattended outside, excessive barking or noise, not cleaning up after your pet, off leash pets, etc. Please refer to the general Rules and Regulations and Pet Policies. (___) INITIALS
      1. 11.


      , vehicles and belongings left at the site after check-out time or parked at or blocking other sites are subject to removal and charges of site fees, at Camper’s expense, in accordance with applicable law. Resort Management may also need to relocate Tenant’s vehicles and belongings if an imminent danger arises. Civil Code 1867. (___) INITIALS
    1. 12. Every Tenant is required to vacate the Resort on the 90th day after arrival. Tenant (and all Guests) must completely vacate the Campsite and remove all personal property (as if no one was ever there). All personal property includes, but is not limited to: carpets, hoses, cords, firewood, etc. Tenants (and the RV and other vehicles) must leave by Noon on the 90th day. No one may return until after 2pm the following day. If a Tenant vacates for more than 30 days and returns, that Camper will need to provide current proof of registration and insurance on all vehicles, in the name of the registered Camper. There are NO exceptions to this. This is a requirement of the City of San Diego. Failure to comply will result in denial of admission to or eviction from the Resort. (___) INITIALS
    1. 13. When departing on the 90th day, all Tenants must sign the Resort 90/24-log book at the Registration Desk before leaving the Resort. Failure to sign the 90/24-log book will result in NO CREDIT for departure. Tenants planning on returning more than 24 hours later must make sure to tell the Registration Clerk their exact date of return. A Camper’s return status becomes “Occupant” and is taxable per the City of San Diego. Failure to provide a return date to the Registration Clerk could result in cancelation of the future reservation. (___) INITIALS
    1. 14. Tents are not allowed on any Extended Stay campsite at any time, NO EXCEPTIONS. (___) INITIALS
    1. 15. Shade cabanas or California rooms may be used for shade purposes only. They CANNOT be used for sleeping, storage, or extra living space, and are NOT permitted on the grass. (___) INITIALS
    1. 16. All Vehicles (auto, RV, trailer, etc.) must have current registration and insurance while in the Resort and must be in operable condition. Campers and Guests (and their agents) are not permitted to perform any remodeling, mechanical, or other repairs, within the Resort. Resort Management reserves the right to deny a Camper’s Extended Stay status if the RV or other vehicle is damaged or in disrepair. A motorhome(s) must operate under its own power, and will not be allowed in the Resort if towed in. (___) INITIALS
    1. 17. All Campers and Guests are required to observe city health codes including with respect to wastewater. Please refer to the general Rules and Regulations (and Policies). (___) INITIALS
    1. 18. Unscheduled visual inspections of Campsites are made by Resort Management to determine compliance with Rules and Regulations (and Policies). Campsites must be maintained and left in a neat and orderly condition. This includes firewood stacks, in a 4’ x 4’ area; and no larger. Failure to keep the Campsite neat and orderly may result in eviction. Management will give one warning (“Aloha”) and the condition(s) must be corrected within seven (7) days. (___) INITIALS
    1. 19. The Resort expects all Campers to abide by all rules of conduct. Please see the general Rules and Regulations (including Conduct Policies). (___) INITIALS
    1. 20. No Camper or Guest may use Campland’s name, address, or phone numbers for business purposes. Campers may not operate a business anywhere on Resort property. This includes, but is not limited to, using the Resort name and/or physical address on checks, or as a Camper’s permanent address on government issued documents such as driver’s licenses and registration of vehicles. Resort Management will not accept a personal check if it has Campland on the Bay’s address (2211 Pacific Beach Dr) printed on it. (___) INITIALS
    1. 21. Mail pick-up times are Monday-Friday 2-5pm at the Administration Office. Saturday mail time is between 2-5pm at the Registration Desk. Campers should apply for a P.O. box locally if Resort mail service hours are not convenient. All mail and packages, including without limitation, Amazon packages will be returned to sender if the Camper is no longer registered (e.g. has checked out) or if the mail/package is not picked up in 10 days (exceptions may be made only with advance approval, such as a Camper taking an extended vacation out of the Resort while the Camper is still checked in). (___) INITIALS
    1. 22. Failure to comply with rules and regulations, or failure to pay for all current charges and/or rent will result in eviction from the Resort and cancellation of all future reservation(s). (___) INITIALS
    1. 23. A Tenant’s account may be reviewed, by filling out and submitting an “Account Review Request” (available in the Administration Office). These reviews may take up to 7 days. Resort Management will deliver, in writing, its findings. (___) INITIALS
    1. 24. The last night a Tenant may stay in the Resort and receive the Extended Stay rate is June 30th, with the departure date being July 1st. If July 1st falls on a Saturday, the day of departure will be June 30th. If a Tenant stays the night of July 1st, the Tenant will be charged the applicable daily rate. (___) INITIALS
    1. 25. Campers are permitted to stay in the Resort for a maximum of 268 days in a 12-month period and no more than 90 consecutive days. The Resort will not book any reservation for more than 268 days in a 12-month period. Any reservation that would result in a stay beyond the 268-day limit will be cancelled. (___) INITIALS
    1. 26.


WARNING: Campers and Guests are advised that the Resort is not a smoke free area. In addition, there are other chemicals that exist on the property. Being on the property, including the common areas in and around the Resort may expose Camper and Guests to chemicals, which include, but are not limited to, tobacco, smoke, lead and lead components, asbestos, carbon monoxide and gasoline components, all of which chemicals are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive toxicity and for which warnings are now required. For more information on the Proposition 65 and its list of chemicals, Camper and Guests may contact OEHHA at (916) 445-6900, or go to or visit (___) INITIALS


My signature below indicates I have read and understand each of the Extended Stay Rules and Regulations above and agree that I and my party will abide by them. I understand that the Resort reserves the right to terminate occupancy, tenancy and privileges, including access to the Resort, at any time. I will immediately notify Resort Management and the Registration Desk of any changes in the information in my Application. I understand, and agree, that Resort Management reserves the right to amend the Extended Stay Rules and Regulations and the Resort’s general Rules and Regulations (including Policies) at any time, with or without notice.

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